Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm baaack!!

Hello fellow bloggers!!! Since we have moved down to Utah's Dixie and are around 300 miles from any family I decided to start blogging again. I don't know why I think I have time, facebook seems to be my time waster as of late, but I am going to give it a real effort!
As for things down south...they are good! The weather is warm, the people are friendly and we are adjusting. Zak is working for St George City as a Journeyman Lineman and he absolutely loves it. Kit started her fist dance class and is so excited to go every Monday and Wednesday. The twins are definitely turning two. They are into EVERYTHING and seem to think the louder their voice is the more likely we will be to help them. But they are cute as ever. I am adjusting. I would be lying if I said I was in paradise. No amount of money is worth more than having my family together every night. That may sound crazy to some, but after five and a half years of being a predominately single mom all but maybe one or two weekends a month I am more than ready to have my amazing husband home to be the dad he has always wanted to be to his three beautiful girls. It is an adjustment though. I am venturing out to find a part time job. I had an interview today to be a Resort Host for Worldmark by Wyndham and Monday I am meeting with the owners of one of the nicest salons here in St George. Two very different possibilities, but hopefully one of them will be just what I am looking for.
We have had a few visitors so far, Uncle Jake drove down on our first trip to help us unload the bulk of our home and Grandma Jackie came down a day or two later with the three hooligans and helped us get a huge majority of our house put together. Over Memorial Day the Chilton's graced us with their presence and Kit was more than elated to have Jada Rose down for the weekend. Zak, Andrea, Troy and I ran a midnight race up at the old airport and it was one of the funnest races for me. All the runners were wearing glow bands and there was loud music blaring and just a good time.
This next weekend we will be heading north to race in the Ragnar. Zak and I are excited and a little intimidated, but I think we will have a good time. I don't have many pictures, but I will post more as I get them. As for now I will leave you with the only picture I have of the last month and a half, a little late night s'more roastin'!

I found a few more! This is Kit painting some canvases to put on the wall in her room.

And the twinners. Kyky just doesn't seem to want to give up the moon boots even though it was an easy 90 degrees this day and take note of Kamaya's shoes. This girl is ALWAYS in high heels and skirts!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Who's Who???

I always think it is fun to see how much siblings look alike as babies...Probably because I look NOTHING like my brother and sister :) I think this bathrobe is the cutest thing ever so I figured I would pull out a picture of Kit at about the same age and see if you can tell which baby is which!

Baby A)

Baby B)

Baby C)

Ok let's see who knows my girls the best!!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

November Update

Ok and for a little photo shoot of the babes!! I can't believe how fast and great these two girls are growing. We blessed them in November and Zak did an AWESOME job. He was a little nervous about doing two blessing right after one another but I think he did amazingly well giving them two different and beautiful blessings.
These photo's were taken by my cute neighbor who is starting her own photography business on the side, which you can visit here .
A little note on their dresses:
My mom bought a dress for all her grand-daughters to be blessed in and Jada Rose was the first, then Kathryn Til and we ran into a bit of a predicament with the twins. Since they are both lucky enough to carry on the names of their grandma's I thought I would bless Kamaya Rose in the dress my mom bought and I let Jackie pick out Kyler Jacklyn's. The blankets are significant as well. When I had Kathryn one of our families very dear friends, Angel Christensen, gave me a beautiful White Blanket at my shower. In her card she explained the importance of it. My mom made it for her to bless her first little boy Britton. Angel thought it was so beautiful that she only used it that one time and when my mom passed away she gave it to me to bless my children in. I cherish that blanket very much and appreciate Angel being gracious enough to pass it on. Kyler was blessed in that blanket and Kamaya was blessed in the same blanket her dad was blessed in. A lot of tradition and special memories for these two beauties!

Kamaya Rose

Kamaya's cute shoes!

Kyler Jacklyn

My two little angels!


Cute little toes!

Beautiful hands


Here is a cute little picture of me and one of my very best friends Staci! She delivered Cooper Swainston on Nov. 23. Cooper is a very lucky man, he will get his choice of two very beautiful girls to marry, and yes he must marry one of them :) Staci and LP moved right around the block from us and I am so excited to have her so close so our kids can always play...and so can we!

This has been a project that needed to be done since we moved in. We have Four VERY LARGE trees in our backyard. They were getting to the point that if they were to fall in a storm it would cause damage to us or our neighbors so Zak took it upon himself to do it. They got a GOOD trim...very good. I think our backyard neighbors are a little disappointed because they said those trees cut their power bill in half in the summer.  I'm so sorry! They wouldn't have to pay for damages!

Daddy and Kit about 15 feet up

Zak clearing some of the branches

Finished product!

And of course the latest "double fisting" picture. Uncle "Bug" loves his nieces. He is such a cute uncle! and his nieces love him!

Ok that is the update for this month. I will keep them coming!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

October Update

This has become one of Zak and Kit's favorite past times. She asks to go on a "Scooter ride" or "Motorcycle ride" almost everyday. They go for a little scoot around the block and when they pass anyone on the street kit hits the horn about twenty times and yells "Hiiii!

This was our birthday girls first picture of the day. I can't believe she is already 2. It goes by so fast and they change so much.
Kathryn- 26 lbs 45%
2 ft 10.5 in 75%
head- 19.5 in 90%

The twins turned 2 months on her birthday. A fun little side note...My birhday is August 19th and my older sister's is October 19th. My girls have the same type of situation. The twins are August 10th and their older sister's is October 10th.  Very convenient I won't ever forget the day! The babies are growing so fast. I never thought I would see them in "newborn" clothes but lo and behold at 2 months they are filling out the NB outfits. Their stats are as follows:
Kamaya- 8.9 lbs 10%   Kyler- 8.15 lbs 5%
                                                                20 inches  -5%         20 inches -5%

                                                                        head 14 3/4 in  10%

We went to the Kangaroo Zoo for Kit's birthday this year. She had SO SO much fun. I didn't get any pictures of her playing around because there were so many family members there to visit with and babies to take care of, but from the look on her face she didn't mind too much.

I think it is so fun to see the magic on a child's face. I think she was amazed that all her favorite friends and cousins were in the same place at the same time and all wanting her to play with them.

Just a fun picture...

Grandma Jackie put a lot of time into her cake. Kathryn LOVES animals right now. Mostly zoo animals and anyone that knows her knows she doesn't go anywhere without her pink monkey and her pink monkey blanket.

Here are her cupcakes. I LOVE costco cupcakes...

Playing with the bubbles in the party room.

She was trying real hard to blow out her candle....

but she needed a little help...thanks Oakley!

again I just LOVE the magic on her face. Every single present got an "OOOHH, I like"

and of course our monthly zoo photo on the carousel. Troy, Andrea,  Teya and ALL of the Chilton grandkids made the treck to the zoo. It was so fun. I don't get to spend a lot of time with my brother and sister at the same time do to work and busy lives, but when we do get together it is laughs and my favorite memories. I love them!

The highlight of October...HALLOWEEN! Last year our family spent Thanksgiving in Disneyland and we bought Kit her costume then. I thought she would totally be into princesses by now, but she loves her animals. For all of October I would put on every Disney princess movie I owned and luckily Cinderella was her fav (ok I may have pushed that one a little more than the others :) ) but we had the best costumes ever...

Here are Kit and Daddy at the ward "Trunk or Treat" I actually bought Zak a Prince Charming costume and it got sent to our old address and the man that bought the trailer just sent it back to the sender so two days before Halloween I pulled together his costume. Personally I think it looks a lot better than the store bought one, but I may be partial.

Cinderelly just posin'

So here is the whole cast: I hand made all the costumes except Kathryn's and the mice outfits.
Zak- Prince Charming
Kit- Cinderelly
Mom-Fairy Godmother
Twins- little mice!
I had so much fun making these costumes. Thanks to my mom for teaching my basics about sewing, I think I have found a new found love for this hobby!

Another picture of Prince Charming and the Fairy Godmother

Kind of blurry, but the three of us

Here is Grandpa Mark double fisting the twins. It is an unreal feeling! I love holding both of them at once.

September update

I know this is WAY past due, but I am finally finding time to update my blog and I know people are curious about the babies and the rest of our family so here we go...

Kamaya and Kyler at 1 month! They are still so tiny!!

Unfortunately this is what happens when you try to change a diaper on your lap...Kamaya is always the one to "piddle" as soon as we take her diaper off.

Kathryn got her first taste of the "Chatelle's"  She was actually still a year to young but because she is potty trained and too darn cute they let her join. She stayed in the girls arms the whole time until they ran around the field. I can't wait until she can take dance lessons.

My little "Jr. Chatelle"

We had to take Kamaya to the hospital because she was having some serious reflux and I had no idea what was going on. I was afraid it was seizures. But luckily she was totally fine. This picture was the day we got home. We were there for two days just monitoring her. I love all my girls so much and it was fun to have us all cuddling together.

This is an honest picture. No posing. Kyler grabbed her sisters and held it for quite a while. She just wanted her to know she missed her and to never leave her again. It was so precious!

Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Sam went to fish lake for a wedding of one of Uncle Jake's friends Kit went along with them. It was so much fun for all three of them.

Her favorite activity was finding rocks....

Just so she could throw them in the lake...

and finally relaxing with Papa Sam in their cabin. They were watching a movie...probably Lion King or Madagascar...her favorites as of right now.